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This was one of my most difficult and most rewarding projects I’ve ever produced. For about six months I lived in a world surrounded by stories, images, and data centered around murder. Like anyone who has viewed this interactive, I was shocked to learn that a mass killing is defined by the FBI as "four or more victims." I had always associated mass killings with larger tragic events, such as Newtown and V.A. Tech. When I was first assigned to this project, our database team had already been at work for about a year gathering data and forming a package of stories. We had a relatively good idea about what kind of data we had, but it was up to me and a talented artist I was able to enlist named Jerry Mosemak to come up with the overall presentation. We wanted to push the envelope a bit with this project so I decided that we should use a parallax effect but in a more cinematic way than I had ever seen done before. We started with storyboards and and simple HTML prototypes testing out different parallax effects. Once we nailed down the parallax methods, we started on the design theme and the framework for the project. After much trial and error and a great deal of hard work, we were able to produce an interactive project that, along with amazing reporting from Meghan Hoyer, tells the full story of Mass Killings in America. Awards

  • 2014 SND: Best of Digital Design Award
  • 2014 Headliner Awards: First Place, Journalistic Innovation
  • 2014 Online Media Award: Best Specialist Site for Journalism
  • 2014 Gannett Content Award: Use of Integrated Media
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